PWC_Banner PWC and complete your dock with the same wood for a uniform dock. Also is ideal for small boats, you can pull an aluminum up to stay dry while you’re away.

Watercraft Float Features:

  • 4 polyurethane rollers.
  • Sloped interior are recessed polyurethane rollers so your PWC stays in the center.
  • Stainless steel axels and hardware.

Construction for PWC:

Build your frame to the size of your machine and then center the float under your machine. Leave some room to move the float forward or backward so you can fine tune the drive on and off feature. Bumperboys will protect your dock and PWC.

Construction for Aluminum Boats:

Build your frame to the size of your boat and place the float near the back. It is not recommended to drive an aluminum onto the ramp, rather, pull it up by hand or winch.

Watch the video HERE demonstrating the Watercraft Float use.